5th Annual Angel Tournament

The Angel Project, a Burlington-based not-for-profit founded by Lisette Kingo, hosted its first annual Angel Tournament at The Wave. Co-organizers Lisette and Olympic gold medallist hockey player and board member Becky Kellar invited Burlington Rep teams to play and to "skate for someone who can't." The Angel Project brings comfort, support and much more to patients living in the hospital with a variety of complex medical needs, who require 24 hour medical care. Most of these patients have few, if any, visitors. The Angel Project provides basic necessities, such as shampoo, shaving cream or a soft blanket, and also offers the patients a chance for an outing away from the hospital once a year. Other items, such as a wheelchair or a poster for a bedside, are also given as needed. Every dollar raised by the Angel Project goes directly to support these patients and their ongoing needs. 

This year's tournament will take place on November 24th starting at 8:30am at Nelson Arena

Our Amazing Sponsors

The tournament would not be possible without the amazing support from our sponsors. Find out how you can become a sponsor for this event.

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Cake design by Pam's Party Cakes


Previous Angel Tournaments

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